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Adventurous Journey

The Programme

The aim of this Section is to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery.

This Section focuses on your development as an individual and the way you work as part of a group, not just overcoming the physical demands of the venture.

Ventures are done with a purpose and undertaken on foot, by cycle, on horseback, in canoes or boats without motorised assistance.

Your Adventurous Journey Section should provide you with opportunities to:

  • demonstrate enterprise
  • work as a member of a team
  • respond to a challenge
  • develop self-reliance
  • develop leadership skills
  • recognise the needs and strengths of others
  • make decisions and accept the consequences
  • plan and execute a task
  • reflect on a personal performance
  • enjoy and appreciate the outdoors

There are three types of qualifying venture

  • Expedition - an outdoor journey with a purpose
  • Exploration - still outdoors but involving some research or exploration rather than just a point to point journey
  • Other Adventurous Projects (Gold only) - where the challenge is outside the bounds of either of the other two types

The process

  1. Training - all participants need to cover the preliminary training no matter what the venture is
  2. Practice Journey - all participants need to undertake the appropriate number of practice journeys
  3. Qualifying Journey - the qualifying venture. See the table below for requirements


There are between 4 - 7 participants for each venture plus an assessor/shadow party.





2 days 1 night

3 days 2 nights

4 days 3 nights

Planned activity

minimum 6 hours daily

minimum 7 hours daily

minimum 8 hours daily

Suggested Minimum Distances

for a group of average fitness on moderate terrain


20  km

40 km

65 km


120km sealed roads 
80km unsealed roads

210km sealed roads
140km unsealed roads

330km sealed roads 
220km unsealed roads






at least 4 hours daily

at least 5 hours daily

at least 6 hours daily


12 hours planned 
activity over the 2 days

21 hours planned 
activity over the 3 days

32 hours planned 
activity over the 4 days

Please also refer to The Award Handbook, the Exploration Guide and the Adventurous Journey Training Manuals.

Have a look at a list of possible Adventurous Journeys around New Zealand  (Please note that for Gold Qualifying expeditions you still need to apply for an approval number even if you are doing an expedition from this list).

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