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Participants must follow a Skill of their choice for the following minimum time, showing regular commitment for a minimum of an hour per week carried out in their leisure time.

Bronze the choice is for a minimum of 3 months or 6 months.

Silver must be completed for a minimum of 6 months, or for direct Silver Entrants 12 months.

Gold must be completed for a minimum of 12 months or for direct Gold Entrants 18 months.

The participant must show individual progress and sustained interest over the time required. This should lead to a deeper knowledge of the subject and the attainment of a reasonable degree of skill, based on the participant's capabilities.

Check out the Skills Programmes here for ideas on what you may do.

There are many different types of activites you could do for your Skill that fall roughly into the following categories:

The Arts Music
Collections, studies and surveys Nature/Pets
Communication Recreative Skills
Crafts Transportation
Life Skills Workshop Crafts

Please note that you can't use any physical activities for your skill as they come under the Physical Recreation Section.

See the Duke of Edinburgh Website for a range of fantastic ideas and available programmes that you can follow.

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