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Notes about Tutoring

  • The AGS Deans prepare a list to assist the parents of junior students who are looking for tutoring services

  • In no way does the School ‘recommend’ the students who put their names forward as tutors

  • The quality of the tutors will inevitably vary in both understanding and experience

  • Parents are encouraged to actively trial a few tutors, making their own mind up as to which senior student will be the most suitable as a tutor for their son

  • Likewise, tutors are encouraged to speak to a student’s parents when they feel they can no longer provide the service (due to growing personal commitments, or a lack of connection with the younger pupil)

  • The timing of tutoring sessions is a discussion to take place between the tutor and the family requesting the service. The sessions may occur in the school library before or after school, or at the home of the junior student

  • The price is pre-set at $25 an hour. The collection of these funds, including the type of method (cash, cheque, online), is determined between yourself and the relevant family. The School is not involved in this process

  • It is highly recommended that both parties exchange contact details (especially mobile numbers) to ensure any last minute changes to times and venues can be communicated in an efficient and professional manner

  • Always remember that the role of a tutor is enhance the understanding of the junior student’s knowledge- not to complete the homework of the younger pupil

  • Finally, it is ok to admit that a concept might be beyond you, and thus encourage the student to return to his classroom teacher for clarity

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