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Archery at Grammar has seen both regional and national successes and continues to offer boys a challenging and rewarding sporting experience.

At the beginning of term one, any student interested, may sign up to the seven session introductory course. This usually takes place on Saturday mornings around 8am. We have close links to Auckland Archery club which is based within the fabulous grounds of Cornwall Park. The club provides excellent tuition and guidance allowing students to become quite proficient even after this short time. A fee which covers both equipment hire and a nominal coaching fee is currently $17.50 per session or $7.50 if boys have their own equipment.

At the end of the training period the boys wishing to pursue Archery as a sport will be encouraged to join a club and purchase their own equipment. This is  around the $300 mark for a basic recurve bow, arrows etc. Students will, of course, receive advice and recommendations regarding strength and size of bow required.

Once students have joined a club they are able to shoot during organised weekend club practices and develop their skills further. Many students that started their Archery during the 3rd or 4th form have gone on and continued to hone their skills in their University years.

2016 is to see the introduction of far greater competition between the Auckland schools that regularly offer Archery. Round robin matches and two main inter school competitions will be organised and provide plenty of friendly rivalry.

Boys are able to see me in the Technology office during the school day or contact me via email in order to ask questions or seek advice.

Some of the action from various competitions can be viewed in the photo gallery.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Jerry Frisby

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