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Booking a room or area is available via this link:
(Bookmark for further use).

To book a room or area:

1. Click calendar date.
2. Click the actual date number that the booking is required for.
3. Use the "Enter text for new event" box to detail your booking.
4. Select the Time Period required. 
5. Complete the booking details by selecting "Create Event".

To change a booking, please email

As a courtesy to other staff, please avoid block bookings of more than a week.

Sharing Bookings

If you have a small group in the computer labs, please indicate if you are happy for another teacher to share the booking. This can be indicated as "7 History - Smith (14)"

In this case the teacher, "Smith" has only 14 students and is happy for another staff to bring his or her students to the lab during this time. In such a case please inform the teacher who booked.