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All students are encouraged to read the study guidelines included in their Student Diary. Also, you should read the excellent article on Good Learning Techniques, and the Guide to Learning - both can be found under "related media".

For practical help, the Study Skills software is available on the AGS computers

Study Guides and Strategies is a comprehensive web site with helpful links and practical ideas to help you study better. Check out the great ideas on this site at the start of the year, or well before exams. Topics include:

Writing strategies, Taking notes, Essay exams. Cramming and Emergency test preparation

This exam revision programme is available from Unitec and has received excellent reviews from students


Studyit is your one stop shop for achieving in NCEA Maths, Science and English. Find what you need to know, contact subject teachers and get encouragement from other students!. Check out Studyit

How to use Mind Mapping tools to help you understand content and concepts

Click here for a list of mind map and thesis building tools

Use Project Calculator to plan your essay, powerpoint, etc. within a specific timeframe

Other Media
Tutorials for CIE and NCEA
T3 Exams 2008
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