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Scripts and scores have now been received and are waiting down in Mr Brinsley's office (directions to the office are on the Theatre front window).  Please pick up your resources as soon as possible to ensure you are ready for the first script read through in January.

Date : Sunday 29 January
Time : 12.30pm: Production team and cast introductions
1.30pm: Full Cast Script Read Through
3.30pm: Break
4pm - 6pm Optional Movie Viewing (in the theatre)
Place : Centennial Theatre,
Auckland Grammar School, Mountain Road, Epsom
Any questions please email

Sugar 2017 Production Schedule - Click Here


The Musical of the screen play

“Some Like It Hot”

Show Resources

All songs are available as a download on ITunes.

Sweet Sue

                Song: When You Meet A Man In Chicago
                Lyrics: When you meet a man in Chicago reprise.pdf


                Song: Penniless Bums
                Lyrics: Pennyless Bums.pdf

Spats Palazzo

                Song: Penniless Bums
                Lyrics: Pennyless Bums.pdf


                Song: November Song
                Lyrics: November Song.pdf

Joe and Jerry

                Songs: Penniless Bums and The Beauty that Drives A Man Mad
                Lyrics: Pennyless Bums.pdf
                            The Beauty That Drives Men Mad.pdf


                 Song: Hey, Why Not
                 Lyrics: Hey Why Not.pdf

Male Ensemble

                Song: Penniless Bums
                Lyrics: Pennyless Bums.pdf

Female Ensemble

                Song: Sun On My Face
                Lyrics:Sun On My Face.pdf


Sugar - 2017
Final List Production Crew - 2017